The latest First Day Cover – Premier Schools

Here’s is it! Victoria Institution (my alma mater) is officially featured in the First Day Cover of Premier Schools along side with Convent Bukit Nanas (my sister’s alma mater), SMK St Thomas and SM All Saints. OMG, where’s St John’s and MBS???!!!  Next time perhaps!

Victorians! VI Clap 3,4!

Image005 Image010

*The only thing lacking was that POS Malaysia has printed the establishment years wrongly on the folders and the brochure. Intelligent! Below picture says all…



Nocturnal Animals Stamps

Just went to the post office to buy the first glow-in-the-dark stamp in Malaysia – the nocturnal animals. This set was out last 23 MARCH 08. I love the stamps and the miniature set the first time I looked at it in the newspaper.
This time they are introducing different kind of nocturnal animals. The most remembered one is the Kongkang. Another cute animal which is the Kera Hantu is featured on the miniature set. This piece costs RM5.00 only.
The others which I have bought are the normal stamps; featuring Tikus Ambang Bulan (30 sen), Teledu (30 sen), Kucing Tulap (50sen) and Keluang (RM1.00).
For those stamp lovers (old and new), quickly go and grab these items from the Philatelic Bureau in Dayabumi Complex – located right behind the main post office in KL (in the same building).