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Cyber Eco Hunt 2022 – Towards A Sustainable Future

I am so glad that I have the opportunity to play a small role in this meaningful event Cyber Eco Hunt 2022 by @alamflorasdnbhd with the theme “Towards A Sustainable Future” in Kuantan, Pahang.

The event aims to show commitment by Kumpulan Alam Flora and their continuous effort to reduce 40% recyclable wastage sent to disposal sites towards 2025. I had so much fun with the other participants who are also fellow bloggers and influencers in all the activities in each checkpoints.

The event was officiated by Dato’ Mohd Zain Hassan, CEO of Alam Flora Sdn Bhd, and also attended by Tuan Sharudin bin Hamid, Director of SWCorp Pahang.

There are a few points that I have learned from this activities:
1⃣ Dispose garden wastage like tree branches and bamboos the proper way, so that it is safe for Alam Flora staff during rubbish collection.

2⃣ “Beach comber” is used to clean up the beach around Teluk Cempedak, which removes rubbish like cigarette butts, plastic bottles and cans from the sandy beach.

3⃣ Segregate recycleables into 3 main categories – paper, plastic and others, and sell them to any Buy Back Centre or 3R on wheels. Earn when you recycle.

4⃣ 1 Supervisor 1 Transformation Area (1S1T) program, an initiative by supervisors of Alam Flora to improve the surroundings of their servicing area, an effort giving back to the community. They beautify the area, build playground and garden, make and paint sculptures with recycled rubber tyres and many more.

5⃣ Dining with tiffin containers to avoid using ‘single-use plastic’, is a more environmental-friendly way to pack food. Also, avoid food wastage can help to reduce methane gas which contribute to global warming.

6⃣ Plant more trees to make the Earth greener.

I was lucky enough to win a prize for one of the tasks we had to do throughout the event – Saya Sayang Bumi, Tree Planting (Blogger category). Very grateful to my team mates and glad to know other fellow blogger and influencer friends with the same passion and interest.

You can also be a part of this effort and join Alam Flora’s “Manage My Waste” TikTok Vlog Contest. Head over to @alamflorasdnbhd or this click this link for more information.

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Meatless Spaghetti with Love Earth Mushroom Seasoning

🌏It’s Earth Day today! So let me share a recipe of a meatless dish with you.

Ingredients :
Pasta of any kind (I used Angel hair spaghetti)
Portobello mushroom
White tofu
Love Earth Mushroom Seasoning
Water and oil

Method :
1. Cook the pasta until soft. Drain it.
2. Stir fry portobello mushrooms.
3. Mix in cooked pasta and continue to stir fry.
4. Add in Love Earth Mushroom Seasoning to taste.
5. Mix in capsicums and tofu.
6. Served hot.

Seriously delicious. My favourite Love Earth Mushroom Seasoning enhances the flavour by heaps, works like magic! You must try it!

🛒 Get this Mushroom Seasoning from @loveearthorganic website , Shopee or Lazada.

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Natural Fertilizers

Look at the picture above and notice those things pointed with red arrows? Well, this is how I fertilize my plants in the garden. I use all-natural fertilizers like fruit skins and egg shells. The great news is… my plants grow bigger and healthier… My aloe vera grew bigger!
Try it at home… It’s a healthier way for all of us… and also to the environment.

Big Blue @ Mid Valley


The big blue whale is here in Mid Valley… It’s a relatively small-scaled exhibition held in the East Atrium, Ground Floor by NatGeo. A "statue" of a life-sized baby whale became the ‘star’ as it is the main attraction of the whole event. The setback of this event was that there were not much staff (and noise!) there to attract people and give out information about the main purpose of the whole event. Most people mainly just walk by, take photos of the whale and then go away. Actually I would like to suggest that if there are more of such event in the future, make it in a bigger scale and bring in more attractions; like interactive games or info kiosks for the public, more happening staff to attract the crowd and some freebies may help as well. I believe there will be more of such meaningful event to create awareness to the public of the importance of keeping our nature safe all living-beings in the nearest coming time. Kudos to the organiser for taking the initiative in making this an inaugural one!

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Say “NO” to Polystyrene

As per Wikipedia :
Polystyrene IPA: /ˌpɒliˈstaɪriːn/ (IUPAC Poly(1-phenylethane-1,2-diyl)), sometimes abbreviated PS, is an aromatic polymer made from the aromatic monomer styrene, a liquid hydrocarbon that is commercially manufactured from petroleum by the chemical industry. Polystyrene is one of the most widely used kinds of plastic.
Monday February 23, 2009
Stop using polystyrene
THE Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) wishes to call the attention of the Selangor and Penang state governments and especially the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, to the widespread use of polystyrene food and drink containers during the recent Thaipusam festival in their respective states.
CAP conducted a study comprising random data collection at both locations where large crowds gathered during the festival to gather information on the number of polystyrene food and drink containers used.
Shockingly, the study revealed that 630,000 and 347,000 polystyrene food and drink containers were used in Selangor and Penang respectively. This data was acquired over the two days of the festival and from the numerous stalls providing free food and drink.
At times, these stalls provided up to 40,000 polystyrene food and drink packages. The data gathered does not include polystyrene package usage in other states such as Kedah, Johor or Perak during Thaipusam.
CAP takes a serious view of the fact that almost 1,000,000 polystyrene containers were used during the two days. Although there have been claims that polystyrene can be classified as non-hazardous to the environment, there is no scientific evidence to support these claims as yet.
Polystyrene is not biodegradable. It not only floats on water but is also borne by the wind, thereby polluting shores and waterways.
According to the California Coastal Commission, it is now a principal component of marine debris. The substance may also be harmful to wild animals if ingested by them.The international environment group, Californians Against Waste classifies polystyrene as a future potential threat to sustainable development.
According to a study by the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (IEER), polystyrene which is manufactured using HCFC-22 (Chlorodifluoromethane, a potential ozone depleting agent and potent greenhouse gas) is potentially three to five times more likely to pose a threat to the environment than other waste material.
CAP urges concerned parties in all states to play an important role in ending the use of polystyrene; not just during Thaipusam celebrations but also at official functions and celebrations.
It is regrettable that polystyrene was widely used while there are more recyclable, sustainable and freely obtainable alternatives such as banana leaves and environmentally friendly containers pioneered by Universiti Sains Malaysia.
The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment needs to be more aggressive in addressing the reduction of polystyrene use at all official functions as well as at national level festivities and celebrations.
As long as there are no aggressive steps taken by the authorities to halt the use of polystyrene, it will be difficult to expect society to embark on a paradigm shift to rejuvenate and preserve the environment.
S.M. Mohamed Idris,
Consumers Association of Penang.
I would support the comments given by Mr. S.M. Mohamed Idris as per the article. I strongly disagree on the usage of polystyrene materials and utensils like cups, packaging, bowls and etc. Do you know that polystyrene is NOT biodegradable? Meaning that it cannot dissolve and it cannot rot by itself. It would never will! Its chemical structure does not allow it to change. Yes, even if you bury them in the earth. Polystyrene will remain polystyrene wherever it is for… thousands and thousands of years away from now.
There are simple ways to avoid using polystyrene utensils that all of us can follow :
1) Use paper cups or reuseable plastic cups…
2) Bring water container or drinking bottles wherever you go… hmm… it could do you good favour for bicep curls! 🙂
3) Use your own plastic/ stainless steel food container when you "tapao" (take away food)… that is what lunch boxes are for!
4) Use clean recycleable papers to pack food like; nasi lemak, fried noodles and etc… avoid using polystyrene boxes.
5) Do not feel shy doing the above-mentioned practices as everyone need some time to getting used of doing something… like how recycleable woven bags were first introduced. Now I see more people carrying them when they shop! Kudos!
If you do not care of your own mother nature, NO ONE will!